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Westside Powersports Testimonials

"Wow! I met Nick from Westside in 2016 and told him the ages of my 2 kids and told him I was looking at jet skis for them. Based on Nick's recommendations, I bought 2 from him a 1996 Sea Doo GSX and a 1997 Sea Doo GTI that he went through and he has stood by since then 100% throughout the years! Both of the jet skis looked 100% brand new in 2016 and the 96 was the perfect old school hull that is whippy and a bit tippy, while the 97 GTI has mirrors for tubing and can rip an average adult on a tube or knee board with 2 adults riding on the ski itself! We negotiated a price and after he went above and beyond our agreement and upgraded the trailer for me without changing the original price! I have never had a problem in all the years I have ran them, only questions here and there. In all my years, I have yet to do business with anyone like Nick. They are always so busy because they are awesome which makes it difficult to answer their phones, but they will call you back depending on their work load. Texting is by far the best way to get a hold of them for the most immediate response. The machines I bought from Nick run fantastic, but in the event they finally give out I will be buying ALL of my next skis from Nick in the future and I recommend the same to everyone else!! If every business owner was as knowledgeable, helpful, patient, and genuine as Nick this world would be a better place! I can't say enough good things about how Westside and Nick run their business, but I can say you absolutely cannot go wrong with doing business with them! If you are thinking about buying a machine, you need to reach out and tell them exactly what you want and you will not be disappointed!! Thank you Nick and everyone at Westside that helps you behind the scenes for the last 8 years of fun on the water, and I look forward to many more years because of all of you help and expertise! Our family cannot thank you enough!!"  Michael Shauer

"I called nick today to inquire information on my 99 sea doo boat thinking I had to buy a computer for my boat and he told me that I didn’t need to yet that it was a certain part interfering with it not allowing it to go over 3500 rpm and so i went looking around where he suggested and found the problem. Now my boat runs thanks to them here.i was impressed most with him not trying to sell me something instead helping. I recommend these guys to anyone with my seal on it. Thank you again."  Southern Entertainment

"Great guy knows what he's talking about Great prices also."  Aiden Martin

"Nick is awesome, Got me back on the water before the 4th!Paul Vega

"Recently purchased a new carbon ring for my 2005 Sea Doo. Nick ensured that I had the correct part despite confusing number changes. He took the time to answer all of my technical questions as well. Highly recommend. Thanks for all your expertise!"  Connor Lackas

"Great communication, fast shipping, A+."  Shane Smith

"Would absolutely recommend working with Nick at Westside Powersports. He is responsive to your inquiries, he is honest, and most of all you can trust him to follow through which when doing business online isn’t always the case. They are now my go to for my jet ski repair and parts needs."  John Aesoph

"Very fast and safe shipping item as described and did fix our problem will definitely use this company again."  Michael Hancock

"This is the fifth time working with Jim for my parts. Nothing but the best used parts. From an 04 215 cam that was flawless to this last order for a 99 GTX RFI pump switch the bearing feel amazing to the housing that is in great shape for a 25 year old part. Also, the front hood strut looks brand new and works perfectly. Even a water pump for a 21 gtr was ready to ship. On that note, the way they package all materials is impressive from the pool noodle around the cam shaft that was in another box with bubble wrap! Thank you Westside powersports. Definitely a customer for life!"  Tom Hargreaves

"Hands down a phenomenal company to work with. From fast shipping to accurate parts they get it done!"  Dustin Wester

"I have the pleasure to work with both Jess and Nick over the last 3 years. These two are always helpful with older model seadoo parts. Will always look to them first for all my hard to find seadoo parts. Thanks a bunch."  Andrew Dawson

"Most helpful shop ever and I live in Texas. Nick was always available, transparent on every step and was easy to work with. New customer for life."  Adam Cox

"Nick was amazing! I knew right away when speaking with him, the only thing he and his brother care about, are their customers! These are exceptional gentlemen!Gary Calhoun

"This company is so knowledgeable they have answered any and all questions I've had. We need more people like Nick and his team."  Greg Christensen

"I would like to Thank Jess at Westside Powersports for providing me a good replacement ECU for my Seadoo. I spent the past three months searching the web for a good replacement ECU to no avail. I purchased a few on the web only to find out they were junk and returned for a refund. Jess guaranteed me a good ECU and he came through. I called him on Monday morning and my replacement ECU arrived on my doorstep Friday noon. An hour later the ECU was installed and Seadoo up and running. Thanks again Jess!John Caywood

"Great guys and always professional service."  Tom Meyer

"Honestly don’t know how anybody could give anything less than a 5 star!!! Yesterday me and my son bought an aftermarket tether because a guy told us it was universal. I drive 45 minutes to go on tonka and the tether just kept popping of. I instantly googled seadoo parts to find an OEM tether and found this place! I pull-up the driveway and get out and talk to Nick and let him know I had two problems, one the tether I got doesn’t work and two I can’t get my hood open! He walks up and gets my hood open instantly and guess what we find? A brand new tether in a bag! He then gives me a hood latch for FREE that’s right FREE! So me and my son after having a horrible day our day went amazing because of Nick. Very nice knowledgeable guy!"  Tim Tatro

"Today was the 5th time I’ve worked with Nick on an issue with one of my old SeaDoo’s. His communication is fantastic. He had me try a few things to isolate the issue. We determined the cause of the fault code/no start condition and now know what to replace if this happens again. I keep thinking my old GSX is going to become one of his parts units, but so far he’s kept me on the water! Ever see a sad person driving Seadoo? Nope! I bought a hood from him for my 97 XP about 5 years ago. I haven’t looked anywhere else for parts since. Not only does Westside Powersports have everything in stock, but they have reasonable prices and are great to work with. This company is a valuable resource to anyone with an older Seadoo ski."  Mike Boudreaux

"I needed an obsolete blow by valve for my 2004 Seadoo Wakebord. Nick found the valve and sent it out the next day. The valve included extra parts because there are two installation options. The valve works and my Seadoo is back running beautifully. Kudos to Nick and Westside.Mark McGroarty

"Westside Powersports saved me a bunch of money. I had a 2010 Sea-Doo GTX 260 limited IS and it would not run right. It was sputtering and backfiring. Westside knew exactly what it was and my ski is running great!"  Ben Eldredge

"I bought a used 1997 Seadoo GTI that wasn't running. Before I found Nick I was throwing Amazon parts at it and could not figure out what the problem was. After two carb re-builds and a lot of head scratching I found Nick. The ski would run good until exactly 1/2 throttle and then it would start sputtering and would not pick up speed at all. The throttle position kept me thinking that it was a fuel delivery problem. After talking to Nick for about 5 minutes, he told me that it could possibly be the coil that I bought from Amazon. I had also bought an MPEM from Amazon but he recommended we try the coil first, number one because it was cheaper and number two he really thought that was the issue. I live in East Tennessee and it was a 2 and a half day ride to my door. I put it on this morning and the Seadoo runs awesome, thank you so much man. You know 99 out of 100 would have sold me the MPEM first, thanks for looking out for me. You have a customer for life."  Marvin Harville

"Had all the unique seadoo parts I needed same day."  Mikayla Harris

"Only place I could find parts. Make sure you call ahead."  Ryan Ballou

"Nick is very helpful and quick to respond, very friendly,  I highly recommend."  Scott Tolefson

"First of all, Nick is the man! I had a 1997 Seadoo challenger 1800 and had issues getting the title sorted so like any good boat owner would do, i bought a second 1998 Seadoo challenger 1800 with a good title in the hopes i could take it on vacation to Lake Norman, NC. When i went to look at it, both engines cranked over and had spark which was one of my main concerns after dealing with a bad mpem on the 1997. When i brought the 1998 home, i put new top ends on both engines and combined both interiors to make a really sharp looking boat. Then i was dead in the driveway. Key would give me 2 beeps and then cut power to the boat.  I was hoping i just needed a new key and it wasnt another mpem issue. I had less than a month to get this thing going so i went to get a key programmed and the mechanics computer wouldnt hook up to the boat. Panick set in. Not another mpem issue. I traced every wire, cleaned every ground, and tested everything in the manual that could be tested. I was about to give up on the boat and buy a set of jetskis to take but i was looking on the forums and came across Nick's number a few times. Gave him a call and he answered on a Saturday. Talked to him for 12 minutes, had a few laughs, and he pointed me in the right direction. I ended up taking apart my plugs that go into the mpem and very carefully bent the tabs of each wire closer to make a good connection. The guy was spot on with his diagnosis over the phone. Boat works like a champ now! He really saved me from impending doom with the old lady if i didnt get this boat ready for vacation. I cant say enough good things about Nick and his willingness to help out a fellow boater! If i ever need anything he will be my first call and i will definitely be recommending him to anyone that needs help or parts for seadoos! Nick, you are the man!Brent Kammerdeiner

"Nick is truly the man!!  Nick helped me with the diagnosis of a bad mpem on our 1995 SPI and saved me hundreds of dollars and a lot of time. Tonight he recommended I check the ignition pickup coil for our 1997 GSX before I buy the mpem that the manual recommednded. Sure enough the coil bracket was broken. Once again a $65 repair instead of a $695 mpem mistake. This advice and service is invaluable.  Thank you Nick!"  Greg Bennett

"5 stars for sure! I have a 96 seadoo spi that was not running correctly. Found Westside Powersports online, and sent Nick a txt on a Sunday afternoon. To my surprise, I got an immediate response. Called Monday and he talked me through what I needed to rebuild in the carb and gas lines to replace. Had the parts from him by Wednesday. Ran into a couple other problems, he always responded quickly with advice and parts availability and fast shipping. I would highly recommend Nick and Westside Powersports,  what a great business to deal with. Thanks Nick."  Randy West

"Bought an MPEM from Nick wired it in and it fixed my problem. Wasn’t exactly cheap but I wanted a good OEM part, and so should you. Nick’s knowledgeable about these machines and honest about owning and maintaining them."  Triston Thompson

"Had the knowledge of which computer would work in a unique situation which saved me time and a great deal of money! Hats off to these guys, they are truly experts."  Mike Hall

"I have ordered parts from Nick the past year and a half. He has been really helpful. He has answered all my questions almost immediately. He explained how to replace the parts step by step. I highly recommend using this company, Westside Powersports.Kristy Metzger

"Very professional and super fast service, highly recommended, 5 stars.Derek Vaughn

"These guys are awesome! Always a pleasure dealing with them and they have helped me multiple times.Ricks8.0 M.

"Thanks for everything Jess! You saved my tail with your recommendations for my Skis. I know you probably know this, but you are a stellar business owner and operator and want to acknowledge that cause that is a lost element of normalcy now days, especially at the lake. Thanks for your continued communication throughout the process and setting my expectations right at the start. So valuable to have a great experience in your industry.Nick Welty

"Called Westside powersports after a few minor issues with another Sea doo dealer. Jess was trying to take a day off but was willing to hang around and take a look at the unit. He was able to get a key made and take a quick look at the unit and even offered me a price for it that to be honest I was amazed with. I decided to keep the unit and try to get it usable for my family and Jess took the time to tell me everything he saw that needed addressed. I will definitely be buying all my parts from him to get the unit back to looking and running like it should."  Brandon Walters
"Amazing experience! They had all of the parts needed and were experts on what was needed for our 2003 Sea Doo."  Rachel Bentzinger

"Was having a weird intermittent no start issue with my sea doo. Called west side power sports and he told me it would be $xxxx to program a new key. He then said he hey check your battery terminals and make sure they are tight. Boom problem solved. Dude could have never said a word and made however much off money off me. Customer for life."  Jack Parres

"If there’s anyone that’s needing expert advice and help getting your seadoo going, I would totally recommend Nick from Westside Powersports I had bought a 951 engine and was having hard time getting it to spark and start. Numerous texts back and fourth from nick to myself he had realized the engine I had bought was a 98 engine and my Gtx was a 2000 Well nick had realized that the flywheel and the mag cup on the 98 was different than the 2000 I swapped them out and it started I had found nick while searching online looking for help. If it wasn’t for him it would not be running today I had been trying to get it running for a year Thank you Nick! Grant Hoffman

"Easiest way to get the parts you need and quickly. My 2008 Challenger 180 needed a new jet pump and even my local stores couldn’t help. Found Westside Powersports online and had a bolt on ready pump delivered within three days! We’re back on the water and running like new! Thanks for the great customer service Jess!David Horton

"Top notch service! I've ordered a few parts from them and have always been pleased. Within a few emails, I had a upgraded pump on order and it was to my house within a few days. It can't get much easier than that. Good product, good service, good prices.Sam Cassidy

"Great service and fast response. Thank you guys so much!Ivan Martinez

"Jess was very helpful and knowledgeable about our issue, and sold us the part we needed to get our boat going again. Thank you Sir."  Bill McGee

"Talked to Nick on the phone for a few minutes with intentions to send him my MPEM, instead he gave me a few things to try first and my electrical issue was solved.  Very knowledgeable and helpful, thanks again!"  Andy Lee

"Always helpful on the phone to troubleshoot issues. Very quick response when texting questions. Always have the parts I’m looking for and shipment always arrives faster than projected delivery date. Highly recommend their services."  Michael Matthews

"Jess is very helpful and knowledgeable about our issue, and sold us the part we needed to get our boat going again, and I loved the creative packaging. Thank you Sir."  Bill McGee

"Between Nick and Jess, Westside Powersports has just about everything you need to get your Sea-Doo up and running again at a fraction of what dealship parts cost and they back their parts with a guaranteed operation when it arrives. Fast turn around time! LCD display looks great! Will definitely continue doing business with these two gents in the future for all my part needs!Felix Alvarez

"I have been using Westside Powersports ever since I got our first Sea-Doo around 15 years ago. They have always answered my questions and suggested the best way to solve my problem. All that and super super quick turnaround on any parts that we needed. I have recommended them to everybody I know that has a problem with their Sea-Doo. Even my father (70) put two of their stickers on his toolbox and the bike lift that we have and he never does stuff like that.Ed Grayson

"Nick was great, very helpful and informative. The parts were shipped fast and very fair priced. I definitely will contact him when needed again."  Dave Johnson

"These guys are the absolute best! They are honest, easy to work with, explain things so you know what is going on and can find what you need in minutes. We have needed parts for our ‘99 Speedster jetboat and they are the only place that I know of that has the parts. Like others have said - skip the other places and go here. You will not regret it! Thank you Nick and Jess! We are p and running necause of you both!"  Tasha Schmitt

"Very helpful for older jet ski parts and service."  Jeremy Chess

"These guys always have the parts I need for my Seadoo, great prices and super fast shipping is always a bonus. Thanks again."  Stephanie Drennon

"The best customer service and prices around."  Michael Lanchak

"Best place to get parts, hands down. No one is better than Nick."  Scott Ringold

"Excellent service, fast, friendly and very knowledgeable. Was in and out in less than 10 minutes. Drove 3 1/2 hours to get there and would make the trip again and again. Would definitely recommend to anyone!"  J Fitzgerald

"Nick is one of THE most helpful people I have ever met in any community. I own snowmobiles, jet skis, ATV’s, dirt bikes, and even a classic car. I have never met somebody in any of those “industries” more willing than Nick to take time out his day to answer questions and help when he is needed. He is truly an awesome part of the PWC community and every other community should strive to be as helpful and genuine as Nick has been when helping me with my 1994 Speedster. Although I am selling my current Seadoo, I can be sure I’ll be able to pick his brain when I move on to my next Seadoo project. Truly world class service."  Josh Hines

"Just bought hard to find parts for my Sea-Doo XP at a fair price. Will be doing more business here for sure!"  Dan M.

"Fair, professional, helpful and courteous, they went above and beyond. I couldn't be happier. A true pleasure to do business with. Thanks so much!"  Rob Raiche

"Nick is one of the most knowledgeable people when it comes to pwc. He has answered countless questions I've had and is extremely helpful. I can't say enough good things about this guy. He even sells used parts at an incredibly fair price (his prices are lower then anything I can even find online). Nick is truly a guru when it comes to this stuff and I have no issue trusting him w my most expensive toys!! His turn around time is crazy fast too! Give him a call and get your toys ready for summer!"  Declan A.

"I would commend this business on OUTSTANDING customer service and quality parts workmanship! Nick etiquette is superb and your customer loyalty I am certain shows that! I give a 10* from start to finish and circle back follow-up!!! My 97 seadoo challenger 1800 would have not been in the water this season if Nick was not in the business. When and if I am in need of Parts and advise he is always available. THANK YOU!"  Al Anderson

"Nick and Jess are old school Seadoo guys with a new school business. They have tribal knowledge of all seadoo platforms, engines and systems which helps them with the hours of free advice across many platforms: Fb, forums, blogs etc. if you need sea doo parts, hit them up.Ben Wilson

"Had issues with my speedster, thanks to these guys they saved me tons of time and money! Highly recommend them to anyone looking for answers and and saving you cash, plus they will respond almost immediately so no sitting for days to talk to someone. Best in the business in my opinion! Thank you Jess!Justin Wells

"Needed an OEM harness clip that's not available. Westside / Ozarks hooked me up with the part needed, great price and quick shipping. Thank you Jess!" Paul Zeiez

"I just got off the phone with Nick and he is the MOST HONEST person anyone could deal with! I called to ask a question about a MPEM and anyone else would have tried to sell me something I didn't need and he said (let me stop you right there) and told me that wasn't my problem. He explained I needed a new key instead of a $500-$1000 dollar repair. In times like this where everyone only thinks about making money he was so honest and told me the exact symptoms my boat was doing. You are absolutely awesome Nic!!! I would definitely recommend to ANYONE who needs anything done or a part for their boat see him! Thanks again NicK!" Alex Deltwas

"Nick is a Sea Doo Guru, very helpful and saved me 750 dollars on a part I did not need.John Green

"Great place that treats you right. Wish I knew of this place sooner would have saved me 600 dollars." Jon Lee
"Best selection of Sea Doo parts on the lake.Tom Berkerle
"Great customer service! I called about a particular Seadoo part and they had it in stock. Within minutes I had an invoice and paid. Order placed around 1pm and to my surprise the part showed up the next morning at 10am! I'm looking forward to working with Westside Powersports for all my future needs. Great service, competitively priced, and they know their stuff! Highly recommend!Andrew E.
"My dad, Butch, was in need of someone with knowledge of 1997 Seadoos. That's when he found Nick @ Westside Powersports. Last year (2019) Nick programmed an MPEM and it worked perfectly. Then again this summer (2020), we needed an impeller housing since ours seized up. Nick had the part. Sent it. We installed it. Nick has the knowledge, the parts, and fast delivery. Thank you Nick!Zach B.
"Very helpful and friendly! Friday before the 4th of July, put his personal plans on hold so we could get a part and be up and running on the water!. I Highly recommend using this company. Thank you again." Matthew O'Neil

"These guys help me out with a rebuilt Sea Doo Speedster!Jan Hill

"We bought two SeaDoo's from Westside after Jess rebuilt them from top to bottom. After 2 years, they are still in great condition and start up every time. When we needed a part today, Westside delivered! No waiting weeks for a delivery or appointment, the part is in and we're ready to hit the lake again! Have an old or new Seadoo, call Westside and they will take care of you!" Nancy Bennett

"Good communication and great service. I was impressed with the way the wrapped my merchandise!Vinny Oliv

"These guys rock! They know everything you need and they have everything you need at great prices. You will not beat this place. Worth the drive hands down. Thanks Nick!" Scott Ringold

"Amazing did what the dealer could even do. Programmed a new key for my seadoo and sold me a new key. Got my stuff back and the ski fired right up. Thank you!!Mocksville Motor Company

"The parts inventory is quite impressive! And if you’re looking for a hard to find part for an older Seadoo, Westside Powersports should be your first call. Excellent service, fair pricing, and local to LOTO!!Luke Denton

"Fast, friendly service. I'm in Ontario, Canada, they delivered a part I couldn't find here. Highly recommend them." Daren O'Neill

"I contacted Nick right after I bought a Seadoo Speedster with twin 110HP motors. The previous owner had taken it to three different Sea Doo dealers trying to fix its cavitation problems and spent about $2000. I got it cheap and Nick said he could fix it. I had my doubts, but $300 later it was back on the water good as new! I was a new jet owner and made some mistakes, Nick was always there to help with parts and teach me how to fix things myself. I wouldn't use anyone else for parts or advice.Brian Mccormick

"Hands down one of the best customer service experiences I have ever had. I am in the process of bringing an old 1996 XP back to life. After spending 4 hours chasing electrical circuits, cleaning terminals, and re-seating connections, I was stumped because the Seadoo would not recognize the DESS Key. I was searching online and read the horror stories about the dreaded MPEM. Everyone was saying it was common for the MPEM to go bad, and they are upwards of $200. I was advised to reach out to Nick from Westside Powersports, and I'm glad I did. I shot Nick a text message Saturday morning not really expecting a reply until Monday, but to my surprise, he answered within 10 minutes. I described my issue to him and he convinced me the DESS post was toast, and that my MPEM was probably fine. This was music to my ears, because the DESS posts are $50, and not $200. I purchased the DESS post from Nick and it showed up Monday afternoon. Went out to the ski, swapped the post out, low and behold the Ski recognized the DESS key and cranked right over. The best part of my experience was that Nick was willing to exchange conversation and actually listen to my issue and help diagnose it, instead of just trying to sell me parts. Nick could have sold me an MPEM, but didn't, this is customer service and amazing knowledge base. Highly recommended.Jeremy Garske

"Best service I’ve ever had. Really helpful and answers any questions you got. Very fair price too!Damien Dayoodi

"They have the best prices and customer service out there. I ordered a hood for my 04 wake it was packaged perfectly, UPS damaged it and Jess handled everything that same hour. Hand a replacement sent out the next day. I will definitely buy from them again. Thanks Jess!"  Ian Woodson

"Just amazing I don’t even need to say more!" Joshua Cadenas

"I have been using Jess and Nick the past 2 years for all needed parts for my PWC repair business. The service, quality of parts, and quick shipping times are unmatched by any other parts reseller and I’ve used them all! On the rare occasion something wasn't right, they backed up their products 100% and got the exchange out to me extremely fast! Easy 5 star rating give them a try you won’t be disappointed!" Joe Ruetz

"Great management, awesome service!Felix Trudeau Werleigh

"Purchased a 95 Seadoo XP and needed to replace some parts. Did a Google search that led me here and I have to say it was a wonderful experience. Jess knew right away what I needed and sent an invoice and shipping information minutes after getting off the phone and the parts arrived 2 days later!Craig Slaughter

"Needed an oem part for my 1998 Seadoo and the team came through like champs. Excellent service, fast shipping and easy to do business with. I’ll be coming back for any future part needs.Justice League

"Called Nick about an intermittent start problem. He diagnosed and told me how to fix it myself.  So much appreciated!Cynthia Rendel

"Bought a new seat for my Seadoo from Jess, he went above and beyond by having it delivered to Canada in 3 days. Opened the box and the seat is like new, couldn’t ask for better. Great stuff, will definitely be coming back for more parts should I need them!Mark Finnegan
"Outstanding experience! Quick shipping, fair prices, and most importantly expert knowledge and unparalleled customer service! I could not have repaired my ski without Jess' guidance. He provided me with the parts and confidence to make the repairs myself, answered questions and gave honest advice along the way. THANK YOU for getting me back on the water Jess!"  M Cohen

"Awesome service and shipping is fast, I’m a forever customer."  Kenny Frank

"Best experience I’ve ever had. Answered the phone right away and over nighted exactly what I needed to get back on the water. Nick is great and gave great advice on the repair. Highly recommend them for anything Sea Doo."  Joseph Wright

​"Talked to Nick who confirm I had done the right troubleshooting. Sent my MPEM for testing and confirm dead. New one arrive next day and we are back on the water. I love the personal service. We will be repeat customers for our Sea Doo needs."  Danny Hadley

"I would like to offer a very special mention and thanks to Jess Cairns at Westside Powersports. We recently learned that not all gauge clusters are created equal, and it took some trial and error to find the solution to a suitable replacement for the burned up one on my 2113 GTR. He tirelessly worked with me to get what what was needed to work with my ski. Customer service was top-notch, and he went above and beyond. Please consider them if you need replacement parts for your ski!! It’s nice to be able to see my gauge again!!Kristy Frittis

"I recently bought a Seadoo from Jess and he’s been great in walking a first time owner through operating tips and tricks. And his help has continued...first ride of the summer and I sucked some debris into the intake causing the Seadoo to lose power. Jess tried walking me through some trouble shooting techniques over the phone, and when that didn’t work he was able to help get a Seadoo technician out to my place at 5pm on the Friday of Memorial Day weekend to fix the issue. I really appreciate the extra help!Greg Paugh

"Purchased an old 1995 Sea Doo XP, had some parts I needed to replace, did a quick Google search led me to these guys. I have to say, wonderful experience. Jess knew right away what I needed and I had an invoice and shipping information within minutes of getting off the phone. Parts arrived so fast I made it a point to call him back to express my gratitude, which turned into him giving me tips I would have never known and without me even asking. If you need anything Seadoo, don't waste time looking anywhere else.Grant Smith

"Needed parts for my 2002 Sportster LE, they picked up the phone on second ring, had the parts in stock, great price and shipped same day, wow. The parts were in excellent condition and fixed my Seadoo. I highly recommend these guys.Rachel Colvin

"Great place to buy quality used seadoo parts, knowledgeable and personal, prompt shipping and tested clean parts arrived quicker than I expected, great experience.Gabe Vannevel  

"Extremely knowledgeable. They know everything about personal watercraft. In addition, they always go the extra mile. Highly, highly recommend these highly trained, dedicated people. They rock!Tyler Christopher

"Great customer service, excellent prices and parts, and international shipping!James Mark

"Nick is the best."  Derek Dreke

"One Amazing company to work with. I highly recommend this company.Gene Wilson
"I got burned by an aftermarket mpem for a 98 xpl. Called Nick late on a Friday and he had an OEM mpem in the mail the next day expedited. Put it in Monday and the ski fired right up and ran like a top. Stay away from aftermarket and just give nick or jess a call. Dollar cost ends up the same, but the cost of missing weekends on the water was huge.Ethan Paulson

"The knowledge is never ending. Nick has been very helpful and has come through multiple times now. shipping is incredibly fast!!! thanks for being patient and helping out. Thanks again!Travis Wagner

"I needed some parts for my girlfriends 2002 Sportster LE. These guys had them in stock, were really quick to respond to my needs and got them to me quick. The parts were in excellent condition for used and fixed my issue. I will be recommending these guys to anyone with a Seadoo. Thank you!Stephen Randolph

"Purchased a MPEM for 2003 GTX, quick shipping, installed in pwc and started right up and has not ran this good since I got the machine. Would have given a 5 if was a little less cost, but guess that's the price of having fun. Thanks!Penny Russ Grinell

"Was searching for an LCD gauge for a friends RX and emailed these guys, within a couple of minutes was a reply and a reasonable price. Was shipped the next morning, Gauge looks new! These guys are great at what they do! Thanks!Arty Guffin

"Fast responses, very reasonable & fast shipping, definitely recommended for anything SeaDoo.Jarrod Marinelli
"Quick responses and great parts shipped timely. Back on the water with the Mikuni they hooked me up with.Daryl Shipper

"I've bought a few things from Jess and everything have been exceptional! I'll be doing more business with him and no one else!Jimmy Carrier
"Nick comes through again! Drive cable for my speedster. New hydro turf. Seals for my gtx and carb kits. No need to go get ripped from at the dealer.Brian McCormick

"I have been getting my parts off of Jess and his brother Nick at Westside Powersports for over 10 years now I have never had a problem if there was ever a problem ,, he would take care of it instantly highly recommended very knowledgeable.Brian Lewis

"Nick kept the parts coming for my GTX 4TEC, MPEM, J-PIPE, and guage Cluster. Thanks Nick!!Brian Schirbock

"Thanks for the super fast service and turn around for my MPEM. Very impressed!Mike Johnson

"Nick always hooks up the parts and communicates exceptionally. Easy to deal with and super knowledgeable.George P Kelley
"Customer service is top notch. I had ordered a part which turned out to be defective. I contacted Jesse immediately and without hesitation he sent me a replacement part the next day. Good business, good business model, good business man. Best of luck to you. I will be calling back for more parts.John Carlo Miranda
"Recently bought a engine for a 2004 rxp sc couldn't believe how fast I got it. Great company to do business with. Thanks.Tony Cayton
"Top notch service don't waste your time with anybody else just give them a call you wont be sorry.Wayne Jackson

"I had recently purchased a 155 4TEC engine complete from Jess. I was a little leary buying from someone over the phone, but I am so glad I did. They motor shipped out quickly and was squeaky clean. Gaskets still looked new. It was said to have had 50 hours on it, and I believe it. I was shocked to find it came with all the components which made it way easier to put in my machine. Upon getting it in I found my J pipe was bad. A quick text to Jess and he confirmed he had one and the price and I had it a few days later. When spending over $2000 with someone you don't know it made me a little nervous, but the second I unloaded it and unwrapped it I was thrilled with my purchase. Can't say enough good. I have Jess plugged into my contacts for any future part needs. I thank you so much!Tim Felinski
"After buying my 98 speedster i had some issues with misfires. Jess and nick helped me over phone and sent me what was needed. When i need parts, it's who I'm calling!Adam Meade

"Great service, one on one help and support! Fast turnaround on parts to keep you on the water you can't go wrong.Jesse Prince
"Shout out to Jess at Westside Powersports! I had two 03 SC 4-tecs with water in the cylinders, I started doing some research and while doing so I came across a site that had a number to call a guy named Jess at Westside. I called Jess and man did he ease my mind, he was very quick to diagnose my problem on the phone and to ship me the parts. I asked him how much I owe him for his time and he said just write up a little review would be good enough. I told him I would be glad to write up something. At that time I didn't realize a little review could be so difficult for me to write with such a knowledgeable person to write about. I can tell he not only knew the business, he was passionate about it and really cared about his customers and maintaining an honest business. He was direct and quick to respond with no bullshit. He didn't talk much but didn't need to because he went right to the problem. Before I can finish explaining my issue he already knew what was wrong. He shipped me two great looking manifolds. I found one of the most knowledgable guys you can ask for and he also had the parts I needed. It can't get much better then that. He saved me a lot of headaches and money. Thank you Jess, I really appreciate your help.Jim Sellers
"You guys rock! Thank you Jess for sharing your knowledge of what was wrong with my 06RXT. You were spot on with that thing only taking the certain 06 mpem and not the new even though Seadoo parts reference says the new ones work, they don't. It's Sat for over 3 yrs now. Very excited that it's back on the water. And the upgrade parts Nick has sent my friend Greg Moyer are freaking awesome!Jim Dunn
"Can't say enough positive things about Westside. When these guys say open 24/7, they stand by it. Service is top notch and parts are shipped insanely fast. They are my go to for all things Seadoo." Jason Dillingham
"So the story starts with I bought a 2006 Sea-Doo GTX that needed a new engine. I came across the guys at Westside Powersorts that had a 4-TEC engine for sale, so I contacted them. Jess at Westside said he had an engine out of a 2006 with low hours, the price with shipping to Ohio was very reasonable, so I purchased it. The process of purchasing the engine was as easy as you could ask for and before I knew it the engine was here. To make this long story short Sea-Doo changed the 4-TEC engine mid-way through 2006. There are first edition and second edition engines in 2006 models!!! Why Sea-Doo would do this is beyond me!!! Come to find out I had a second edition ski not a first edition. I discovered this after I installed the engine with all new gaskets and seals where needed and it did not run. The differences are the cam timing and the big one was the crankcase venting system. So I called Jess on a Sunday and to my surprise he answered! We had a very long conversation about what was going on and I was able to get it running but still had a ventilation problem. I called again and we decided that the engine will not work. At this point I'm thinking I own an engine that will not work in my ski. Well to my surprise Jess starts talking about how to get the engine back to them. The outcome of this situation was the BEST anyone could ask for. Westside Powersports refunded the entire purchase price plus the shipping to return! Jess also refunded the money I had in gaskets and seals ($200) to install this engine!!! I have worked in the powersports business for over 20 years and have never experienced this level of customer service and just doing the right thing, EVER!!! These guys will always be my first call if I need anything!Chris Neff
"Thanks Jess the Miller motor,Novi 48mm "A" booster carbs, Coffman XPL exhaust, MSD total loss,and Skat Driveshaft got here ,best packaging I have seen in a long while Jess and Nick are great guys to deal with and have tons of parts Thanks Nick for the heads up and thank you Jess for the Sale.Brad Nickerson
"Thanks so much for not only having exactly what I needed for my 14 year old jet ski, but for the lightning quick shipping! We messaged for the first time last Sunday and by Wednesday it was already on my ski. Way cool. You are an AWESOME resource!Nick Smrdelj
"Westside powersports is the best place for anything seadoo! With great prices and great customer service you can't go wrong. I picked up a 1996 XP and it is top notch! I'm addicted to x4's now.Phil Thaldorf
"Absolutely the best customer service you can find in the PWC community. Killer low prices, awesome packaging, fast shipping. Highly recommend Westside Powersports.Mike Re
"Always has exactly what you need and very fast to help you get back on the water! Always buy with confidence from Westside.Matthew Ferrell
"Best Customer service I've had in a long time. I live in Portland Oregon and choose to buy from westside powersports because honestly they have the best price and service I've found. I'm a Customer for life.Harvey Joe Stephens
"Got exactly what I paid for to get my boat running again. And it was shipped to Phoenix Arizona and I got it within two or three days.Todd Sabin
"Nick and his team have always delivered parts as needed and in the condition they promised. I have nothing but good things to say. 5+Kyle Boyett
"Got my part today very fast shipping. Thank you Jess , Will be making a lot more orders in the future being I got two more ski's to rebuild. Looking forward to do more business with you guys.Greg Flatten
"Got me parts I needed asap. Shipped while at an event. Great service and advice!David Garduno
"I had several sensors giving faults but verified they were good sensors. Talked to Jess on Monday July 3rd he shipped an MPEM for 05 4-tech arrived on Wednesday and resolved the faults. Thanks for the quick response and the support.Bill Pinson
"Westside Powersports sent me used parts in great condition all the way to Northumberland U.K. Many thanks for excellent service and even better technical help. Cheers Nick!Ross Patterson

"You're the man. Generous honest people, great parts.Martin Silverman

"Very knowledgeable about SeaDoo's, honest, great communication and always ships same day. Highly recommended."  Rob Strack

"Always has exactly the part you need and very fast to help you get back on the water! Always buy with confidence from Westside."  Matthew Farrell

"Thanks Nick the part works great and shipping is ultra quick. Glad you guys are in business. Will be definitely buying parts from you guys all the time. 5 star service."  Chris Maverick

"Nick and Jess are the Best, always a quick response to questions!! If they don't have the part, they will find it!!"  Scott Piwinski

"Called Nick on the 4th of July weekend and he met me at 9:30 the next morning for a Seadoo part I needed! I was on the water before noon!"  Dan Deckard

"Thanks Jess for the quick response. I will highly recommend your guy's Sea Doo parts."  Henk Jan Dijkstra

"I give 5 star I buy the part for my Seadoo and he help by phone to Change the part he is great guy and nice customer services!!! 100%."  Anderson Marques
"Great service and parts,fast delivery,I'm a customer for life, thanks!Christopher Ward
"I posted on a Sea Doo Facebook group that I needed an mpem. Within minutes Nick responded and had exactly what I needed. Super fast shipping and the mpem was clean and in excellent condition."  Ryan Wood

Nick 612-743-9311

Jess 813-363-9074

Westside Powersports OEM Used Seadoo Parts Mpems, all rights reserved 2004.

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